Lesson-4 : Tarot Card Course – The Empress

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is traditionally associated with maternal influence, this is the card if you are hoping to start a family. It can represent life, romance, art, or the creation of a new business.

The Queen is a beautiful, full-fledged woman with a hairy hair and has a peaceful aura about her. On his head, he wears a crown of twelve stars, which shows his connection with the mysterious area and the cycle of the natural world (twelve months of the year and twelve planets). His robe sits pomegranate, a symbol of fertility, and a spectacular array of cushions and red velvet flowing. A casket is a symbol of Venus, a symbol of love, creativity, fertility, beauty and grace – the essence of the Queen.

A beautiful, lush forest and curved stream surrounds the Queen, who shows her relation with Mother Earth. He pulls his sense of peace with trees and water and rejuvenates with the energy of nature. In the foreground, golden wheat springs from the soil reflects abundance from a recent crop.

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