Lesson-5 : Tarot Card Course – The Emperor

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The Emperor

If the emperor card appears in your life, whether it is in reading, or as a random coincidence, know that life is sending you a great sign. And this is about the way you organize and live your life and experience your relationships.


The emperor, in his positive aspect, is a symbol of financial viability, disciplined relations, well-organized and realistic about your life through law, structure, order, stability, budget and planning. It stands for the concrete actions you have taken, the visible results you have received and the visible signs of the success you have achieved.

In its negative aspect, the emperor is a symbol of inflexibility, laws that are behind reality on the ground, such rules that ignore the real needs of people, a tough budget which kills all the fun, relationships, which tilt forward to expected roles. Shallowships, which push people to fit, gender, class, caste and other categories, separating people of their spiritual connection, ease and happiness.

The Emperor is one of ’s most powerful cards – probably not as terrible as death or devil, or is not as mysterious as the moon – but still effective. Although this is not a card that works vast subconscious or collectively, its importance lies in the fact that its message affects how much every breath you take in every day, every minute, every minute is. Because the way you organize your life is affected every moment. Do you have a wide-to-list whimsical, or are on the opposite extreme, do you ever pay your bills on time?

What does the emperor reverse in Pisces?

The emperor’s reversal is the totalitarian pressure, perhaps by a strict father figure, a husband or wife or society or government who does not let you live. It can also mean the meaning of your own values – which you raise as a child, religion, social expectations or other rules, which you have defined internally in your own form. Today, they affect the joy of your life.

Perhaps you have this deep inner desire to prove yourself and it prevents you from enjoying day-to-day activities. You just can not move forward and paint – you feel that you have to become Picasso immediately! Or you want to write a book, but you feel that you should be on top of the list of best sellers, otherwise your work is not qualified. Evaluating others for your actions means that you are enjoying these activities.

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