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The Hierophant Tarot Card


Have you joined a group that makes you feel like you are related? Are you following the course of instruction that you have drowned deep into the new way of life? Have you developed a new interest in your cultural heritage? Has the work or family recently compelled you to conform to some standards? Is there a person or a philosophy in your life that you are interested in pushing for an ideal behavior? Expect to see your tarrot in reading your if you are collecting your personality (consciously or unknowingly) for a group, a reason or an ideal.

A person sitting on a throne is holding two finger marks of peace with one hand, while in the other hand there is a gold employee with three crossbars. It is theorophanth. He has an ornate crown and wears a red robe with a white trim. They are crossing the trim that are also embroidered on its white shoes. They rest on the red carpet. Behind the man there is a gray wall with two large gray columns on either side. Around his head and shoulders, his support of some throne can be seen. In the foreground of the card two men kneel in front of the hypocrite. These kneeling men wear ornate garments and there are major bald spots on the back of their head. Two golden skeletal keys have been crossed in the X pattern in between. Keys are directly under the feet of theorophanth.

The Hiroshth is medieval Pope. Contrary to today’s pope, in the medieval period, the heroophant had its own army and the Vatican state was a large area of the present day which Italy was known as “Papal States”. The theorist is the incarnation of political and spiritual power which can only be found in groups. Even though the diamondant is a man, he is holding his office only till he dies and is replaced by the next heroophant, but it retains his emission of power for more than two millenniums. Is for. The keys pictured here are currently on the flag of Vatican City. The bald spots on the head of knees are traditional shilans which make medieval priests and monks to present the authority of the pope. Just as the priest deposits in the rights of the hypocrite, the same way the hypocrite presents the right to the office held by him.

Meaning in past, present and future situations

A reading is divided in three parts: your past, your present and your future. Based on the location of your ’s spreading position, the meaning of the card is changed. When the hypophant is in a state of the past, it indicates a structured belief system and a strong sense of cultural identity in your past. Perhaps you were standing among an ethnic group who were stuck together. It may be that in your early life, there has been a great deal of participation in religious settings.

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