Lesson 8: Tarot Card Course- THE CHARIOT

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Upright : Control, willpower, success, action, determination

Reverse : Self-discipline, opposition, lack of direction

Chariot Card Meanings :
A brave warrior in the chariot card has been shown standing inside the chariot. He wears the armor decorated with the crescent moons (which is coming into being), with a class, a tunic (willpower) and other chemistry symbols (spiritual changes). Laurel and Star Crown signify victory, success and spiritual growth. Although he seems to be running the chariot, the charioteer does not have any reins – just like a wizard, a stick – it shows that he controls through his desire and of mind.

The charioteer stands tall – there is no place for this man to sit, because he is all about taking action and moving forward. On top of their heads there is a umbrella of stars with six-star, who suggests their connection to the celestial world and divine desire. In front of the vehicle there is a black and white sphinx sitting, which represents dualism, positive and negative, and sometimes faces opposing forces. Notice how sphinxs are pulling in opposite directions, but the charioteer uses his will power and resolves to move the chariot in the direction he wants.

A wide river flows behind the chariot, which is a symbol of the need to be in ‘flow’ with the goal of life, moving forward towards your goals and intentions.

Chariot is the will, determination and power card. You have come to know how to decide how to align with your valued card with lover, and now you are taking action on those decisions. When the chariot appears in the reading, then take it as a sign of encouragement. You have set your goals and are now connecting your inner with a serious dedication so that they can be fulfilled. When you apply discipline, commitment and will to achieve your goals, you will succeed.

Now there is no time to become inactive in the hope that things will work in your favor. Take focused action and stick to the course, it does not matter if the challenges can come in your way – because, I believe, there will be challenges. You can be drawn in opposite directions and your and conviction can be tested. Other people may try to block you, distract you, or pull down your target search. But the chariot is an invitation to attract you to your will and at home, which is necessary for you, so that you can overcome obstacles coming in your way.

If you are curious about whether you have to achieve your goal or to complete an important project, then chariot is an indication that you will succeed until you keep your focus and in your abilities Believe. You need to use your will and self-discipline so that you can focus on the task. You can not cut corners or take easy routes, or you will fail. Instead, try this effort as a test of your and conviction, and recognize that victory is within reach, but it is up to you.

Chariot tells you to be vocal and bold. Be bold in expressing your desires and determining your boundaries; Otherwise, you will not find your way. You need to believe in yourself and basically need to know who you are and what you stand for (thus creating established values ​​through personal belief systems and lover cards).

In a very literal sense, the chariot can represent the journey, especially driving or traveling the road. You can also consider buying your house and buying an RV so that you can get out of the country and roam!



Chariot Card Meaning Card Meaning
Honestly, the chariot is a green light to move forward with a major project and to push forward any obstacle that disrupts your desired result. On the contrary, however, the chariot tells you to ‘return the truck’ or, as we say Australian, “Chuck You-Y” (AKA “U-Turn”). You can bang your head against a brick wall, when you are trying to pursue a project, in fact, you will need to change your direction or change direction. Or you can lose your motivation and will not feel committed to the result as you started. Therefore, if you are not moving forward according to the plan, then re-evaluate the situation and see if it is a sign that you need to change the course. Then ask yourself: Have the deep reasons have become more challenging? What can I learn here?

Many times, the inverse chariot is a warning that you are removing the obstacles and challenges coming in the way, which prevents you from doing what you are ready to do. It’s all going to be very difficult, and you do not have the will to go. If it is resonated, then wait for a moment and think about things that matter most to you and why you want to achieve this goal. Will you let other people’s opinions dominate you or will it be tough as soon as you are going? Or will you follow through your commitment?

Before taking action, the inverse chariot can be an indication that you are focusing on your energy and your internal processes, such as self-discipline, internal determination and personal commitment. You can house the intentions aligned with your high self. Or, you can use visual and meditation to align your energy with your goals. These internally focused actions are necessary so that when the time comes to work you will be ready.

If you are a person who likes to keep control over your fate and know where you are going, then try to rein in this opportunity and become more disciplined in what you are doing. Feeling of lack of electricity can be quite a morale, the key is that you can control what you can not see and what you can not see. Do not allow yourself to worry about what is beyond your understanding because you can not change it anymore. Instead, focus your energy on the IS in your control. Check what you can do to improve the situation.

Similarly, the charioteer suggested that you would be trying to manage the details of every minute of your life – but in doing so, you also feel out of control. Loose your grip and let things run your course. Be open to the proposals for help and then be thankful for what you get, even if it does not match perfectly with your expectations. You should not always be on the driver’s seat!

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