Lesson 17- Tarot Card Course: TOWER

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Upright: sudden change, upheaval, chaos, revelation, awakening

Reverse: personal changes, fear of change, minimizing disaster

tarot card:
The represents a tall which is situated on the top of a rocky mountain. Electric attacks have set the height of the building, and two people jump from the windows, before the head and hands come out. This is a scene of chaos and destruction.

The itself is a solid structure, but because it is built on the unstable foundation, it only takes one bolt power to bring it down. It represents ambitions and goals made on false campuses.

Lightning represents a sudden increase in energy and insight, which leads to break-through or revelation. It enters through the top of the building and strikes the Taj, which is the symbol of the energy flowing below the universe, through the Taj Chakra. People are desperate to avoid the burning building, do not know what to wait or fall. There are 22 flames around them, which represent 12 zodiacalities and represent 10 points of the Tree of Life, suggesting that there is always divine intervention in times of calamity.


When the card appears in Tarot reading, expect unexpected – massive change, upheaval, destruction and chaos. It can be a divorce, death of a loved one, financial failure, health problems, natural disaster, job loss or any incident that shakes you in your original, affects you spiritually, mentally and physically. No one can escape this, change is to tear things here, to create chaos and destroy everything in its path (but trust me, this is for your highest good).

When you think that you are safe and comfortable, a moment hits and throws you to the loop. A power reduction of clarity and insight through the lies and confusions that you have told, and now the truth comes in light. Your world may be crashing in front of you, you have never imagined such methods, as you feel that you are making your life on an unstable foundation – misconceptions, unbelief, illusions, tremendous lies, and Similarly. Whatever you thought was true. Now you are questioning what is real and what is not; You can count on whom you can not trust. It can be very deceptive and passive, especially when your main belief systems are challenged. But over time, you will see that your basic assumptions are made on a misunderstanding, and your new belief systems are more representative of reality.

The best way is to allow this structure to be self-destruct so that you can rebuild and focus again. And let it be real – with a card like a , you have no choice but to surrender to destruction or chaos, no matter how unwanted or painful. Change at this deep level is difficult, but you need to believe that life is happening to you, not for you and for all this is a reason. This destruction will allow new growth to emerge and your soul develops.

After a experience, you will grow stronger, wiser and more flexible because you develop a new perspective about life that you did not know. These moments are essential for your spiritual growth and knowledge, and truth and honesty will bring a positive change, even if you experience pain and anxiety throughout the process.

Thankfully, the is not always associated with pain and upheaval. If you are highly conscious about your internal guidance system and are in accordance with this, then this tarot card can indicate a spiritual awakening or revelation. You may be able to see cracks and take action before you break the entire structure. You can make a big change before reaching that point where the change is your only option. In your most positive form, the Card is your chance to get rid of the old ways of thinking that are holding you back.




The tower turns upside down that you are going through an important personal transformation and upheaval. This is different from the experience of the upright tower, where change is often due to external conditions and even you may feel compelled. Instead, with the opposite of the tower card, you are provoking the change and calling your fundamental belief systems, values, purpose and meaning in question. When you search for a new spiritual path, then you can go through spiritual awakening. You can change your beliefs and ideas about important topics, feeling that you can no longer support older models. Or, in more dramatic matters, you can go through an existential crisis where you raise serious questions on the purpose of your life. Although it may be an unstable time, believe in the process and find out that it is best. You are making changes and changes so that you can take yourself into a new and developed version.

Many times, the upside tower can be a sign.

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