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Upright: hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality

Reverse: Belief, disappointment, self-belief, lack of separation

Calculation and details of star :
Star cards are kneeling on a naked woman by the side of a small pool. He holds two containers of water: one in his left hand (subconscious) and one in his right (animate) He picks water to nurture the earth and to continue the cycle of fertility capacity presented by green-greenery around you. Other containers, representing the five senses, pour water on dry land in five nallahs.

The woman has a leg on the ground, which represents her practical abilities and good general knowledge, and represents the second leg in the water, its intuition and internal resources and hears its inner voice. She is naked, representing the vulnerability and purity of the stars over the vastness of the night. A big star shines behind it, represents its original essays, and seven little stars represent the chakras.


Since follows the tower card in Tarot, it comes in the form of welcome after the period of destruction and upheaval. You have faced many challenges and have removed yourself from any limited beliefs, which have already taken you back. You are feeling your original essence, which you are all under the layers. It does not matter what life is in your way, you know that you are always associated with divine and pure love energy. You appreciate a new feeling of self, the origin of your being a new one.

Star brings hope and trust with freshness, and a sense that you are truly blessed by the Universe. You are entering a quiet, loving phase in your life, which is understandable about the calm energy, the mental stability, and both of you and your surroundings more deeply. This is important time for personal growth and development because you are now ready to receive many blessings of the universe.

With Star Cards, anything is possible and the magic is flowing around you. Your heart is full of hope, and your soul is being uplifted to the highest heights because you realize that your dreams can come true. Allow yourself to dream, aspirate, to elevate in some way so that you can reach the stars.

You may want to find or retrieve the sense of meaning, inspiration, or purpose in your life. You are making some important changes in your life, turning yourself from old to new and doing so, you are bringing a new vision: “With old and new!” You are choosing the highest version of yourself. It is a deep spiritual journey that will bring more meaning and purpose in your life and renew your inner energy. Take back any limiting beliefs, aspects, or deception and be in your authentic nature. Stay open for new ideas and development, and still listen to the voice.

Star also suggests a generous feeling. You want to help others give their money or change their life. You have an open heart, and now you want to give back the blessing you have received so that others can benefit.


Inverted Star Cards can mean that you have lost faith and hope in the universe. You are still feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of life and questioning why you are being kept through it. You know that life throws curballs, but really? Why this, and why now? Maybe you are calling the universe and you are giving some sadness, but struggling to see how the divine side is towards you. Ask yourself what a deep lesson of life is, and how it is a blessing, not punishment.

Often, the inverse star is a test of faith. When faced with a challenging situation, you can either crumble like a tower or remain firm in your conviction that the divine is everywhere. You will also learn how to trust not only in the Universe but also on yourself. You are a vessel for the Divine, and when you believe and believe in yourself, then you let the Divine shine.

Star inversion also shows that you are dissatisfied and unpublished with the components of your life or your life (for example, work, hobbies, relationships, personal projects, etc.) Perhaps you started with much vision and enthusiasm, but now you are overwhelmed by your daily routine, which is boring and dull. This card is particularly relevant for carrier reading when you are disconnected from the work you do and wonder whether it is time to move ahead or make changes. Re-connect the key to what is really important for you and your soul’s purpose for this lifetime. Align your daily life with this objective, and you will find new sources of inspiration.

Inverted star urges you to take time to deeply self-care and nurture

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