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Honest: Decision, Reincarnation, Internal Calling, Absence

Reverse: self-doubt, internal critic, ignoring call



Judgment cards show naked men, women and children rising from their graves, spreading arms and rising up in the sky. Above, the Archangel Gabriel – Messenger of God – blows his trumpet. People respond to his call, get ready for justice and to find out whether they will be accepted in heaven or not. There is an extensive mountain range in the background, which shows the impossibility of avoiding inaccessible obstacles and decisions.

The Judgment Card is calling you to embrace the highest level of consciousness for calling and serving your highest good. You are experiencing a spiritual awakening and feeling that you are destined for much more. This is your cosmic up-leveling! You hear the call and are ready to work. Tune in to a high frequency. Let your old self go and step in this latest version which you really are.

Judgment card often indicates that you need to make a decision to change life, but unlike logical justice cards, this decision requires a mixture of intuition and intelligence. You can be at an intersection, knowing that any of your options will bring a significant change with long-lasting effects. Tune into your high self, rely on your decision and know that you are on the right track. If you still need clarity on the situation, see your past and life lessons for your guidance.

When you are close to reaching a significant stop in your journey, decisions are made to read the . You have reviewed and evaluated your previous experiences and learned from them. All pieces of the puzzle of your life are finally coming together, which is a picture of the story of your life. This integration has healed deep wounds, and now you are able to keep the past behind you. You have attained your absence, have removed any wrongdoing or remorse, and are continuing any crime or misery about the past. This purification process will leave you ready and ready to take any new challenges.

The Judgment Card shows that you can get comfort in sharing your struggle with others in the group environment. There will be other people who have experienced such a thing and who can show you the path to liberation from their problems. Let them guide you and help you – get up together.



Decision reverses for a period of reflection and self-evaluation. Through meditation or calm contemplation, you can come to a deeper understanding of the universal themes weaving throughout your life, and what you can do or change to avoid these situations. Maybe you have kept them secret or hidden because you fear that others can judge you. Work on your self-forgiving, self-acceptance, self-love and release and freedom, to overcome these past mistakes and remorse, and to eliminate any crime or shame.

When your universe is trying to invite you to send messages and invite for some big things, then the decision is often reversed, but you are not listening. Maybe you are afraid of the sacrifice that you will need to call, or you are worried that you are not ready to step in a more prominent role and just want to play it safe. You are doing your best to pretend to get it and are moving it forward with your daily life, hopefully it will go away. But let’s be honest – ‘call’ never goes; As long as you do not pay attention it becomes loud and loud. It’s time to push your inner fear and self-doubt down, and believe that the Universe has your back. This is happening due to a reason.

Occasionally, the inverse decision indicates that your inner critic is coming very loudly and clearly. You can doubt yourself or tell yourself negative messages. This enables you to fulfill the highest potential and is your best self. To remove your inner critic, look at it as a different part of yourself (give it a name), listen to it and accept its fear, and assure that everything will be fine. With focused discipline, you can break the cycle of self-criticism and change it, which is possible with more positive messages.

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