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Honest: love, new relationship, compassion, creativity

Contrary to: self-love, intuition, depressed feelings

ACE OF CUPS Meaning:
Ace of Cups has been shown to have a chalice flowing with five streams of water. The cup represents the vessel of your subconscious mind; The five streams are your five senses and the abundant emotion and intuition flowing from within you. The hand holding the cup is slipping through the clouds, which is a symbol of awareness of your spiritual energy and impact. Under the arm there is a vast sea which is covered with lotus flowers, which symbolizes the awakening of the human soul. A dove returns to the cup – the symbol of divine love flowing for conscious awareness of the subconscious mind.

With Ace of Cups, divine love and compassion are roasting through you. You are a vessel for deep, spiritual love from the universe, and you can not help but that love flow in you and the world. You get love, you give love, you love Your heart comes across.

Now is the right time for you to open your heart and experience the rich flow of emotions available to you. You are more receptive to creative opportunities, love relationships, and deep compassion for other living beings. With all the Aces in Tarot, this card comes in the form of an invitation. Will you take it? Do you “Yes” for divine love and compassion? Will you say, and will you go with it? Ace of Cup has the ability to fulfill spiritual and emotional fulfillment – but only if you take it with an open heart.

This card often appears in Tarot reading when you are open for creative expression, especially when you can allow your emotions to shine through your efforts. You can be motivated to start a new project, to take an art class or even engage in interpretive dance. At this point in your life, you are comfortable with who you are and gladly express this part to others. You see the new ability to allow your creative juices to flow. Make your imagination and talent aware of new possibilities.

The Ace of Cup often represents a new relationship, it is a friendship, a new family relationship or blossoming romance. It’s exciting – even flutter – and you are very happy to meet someone with whom you can share a special connection. Allow yourself to open yourself to give and receive unconditional love, and you will notice that when you are in this state of love, affection flows smoothly. Water in the card shows the flow of emotion, and thus, Ace of Caps suggests that you create two excitement that will tell you about your life.

There is also a generous, compassionate side to the Ace of the cup. Look at this as a time of giving (not taking) and to make the most of any opportunity to help others. You have the power to share your inner glow and positive energy, which brings great pleasure to the people around you. And you will find that the more you give, the more you get at many levels.

Finally, Ace of Caps can indicate pregnancy, pregnancy or birth. Check out other cards for further confirmation, such as the Queen, the Cup page or the Four Wands. At a more subtle level, it can mean that a spark of birth or inspiration of a new idea – something in which you can invest a lot of love and creative energy.

Yes, this Tarot Deck has a self-love card! In an honest position, Ace of Cup is about love for all things. In the opposite situation, it speaks to love yourself. Therefore, before you send your love to the world, send love to yourself, fill every cell of your body with divine love and happiness. And the more you do this, the more you can be present in the flow of life.

The opposite of the cup is a sign that you are in relation to your subconscious mind and get involved with your intuition. You are now searching this part of yourself privately, and are finding out how you can bring more intuition and flow in your life.

On flipside, reversal of Ace of Cup may be an indication that you are suppressing your emotions, you do not want to express yourself completely to the outside world. You do not want to keep your emotions close and others know what’s happening inside. If you were to express your feelings, you can feel embarrassed or scared. You can worry

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