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Records of the Meaning


Upright: Many priorities, time management, priority, adaptability

Reverse: over-committed, dislocation, repentance

Meaning of Two of Pentacles:
In two Pentecles, a young man dances while dancing with two coins in his own hands. The infinite symbol coincides with coins, it suggests that this man can manage unlimited problems until he manages his time, energy and resources well. In the background, two ships raise high seas, bounce up and down on huge waves – another indication that the ups and downs of life are manageable with meditation and meditation.
When two of the Pentecals appear in the Tarot reading, it is safe to say that you are fulfilling your priorities, roles and responsibilities. For example, you might be a working parent, general manager of business, administrative assistant in busy office or a number of people working. In the upright position, this card notes that you are doing an excellent job of balancing these different priorities, and you can take whatever life you throw on you; But this two reminds you that the line between fighting these demands and losing control is thin. You need to manage your time, energy and resources carefully so that you do not lose your balance.

The two of the Pentecles often appear when you are busy, running from one thing to the other, with little downtime in the middle. You can tell yourself that you have not got enough time or you are in a hurry. However, remember that you will not have to be busy to do things. Sometimes a break is the most productive thing you can do. Similarly, when you are getting entangled in day-to-day demands and you are losing the big picture, then two of the Pentecals can be seen. If it is resonated then ask yourself: What life do I need? And how can I reorganize my program to make the life that I want?

Two of the Pentacles invite you to carefully manage your time and your priorities. You currently have more workload, and to complete everything, you need to be focused and productive. You can benefit from the ‘to do’ list, better calendar management and a strict program. You can also list the support of an assistant or professional coach to help you make the right change. Basic time management is important for your ability to avoid these different priorities and keep your head above water. This card also reminds you to pay special attention to your general administration, including managing the bills, staying on top of your commitments and maintaining your diary. Be careful that you do not miss important time limits, meetings and other obligations.

This card tells the concept of balancing your awareness and in those parts of your life where you have it (and where you are not). While you can try to balance, nothing stays in perfect harmony. For example, it is a good idea to stabilize your work and family commitments, but in fact, in a week, your family may be of high priority and can do the next job. Therefore, when two Pentecals appear in Tarot reading, remember it as a patient, flexible and adaptable, because you try to fulfill your responsibilities with your family, friends, work, finance, health and new challenges. . Be prepared to swap around activities or adjust last-minute requests. And know that if you are successful in one of the areas of your life, then it is possible that you are struggling in another – it is a part of the process of balancing!

Reverse of Two Of Pentacles:

In an inverted situation, two of the Pentacles warn you that you are overloaded and, at times, struggles to maintain your overload schedule or stay on top of your bills. Other people can not see it yet, but stress is getting you and you can catch yourself to throw the ball. Follow the text of this card and get organized. You may need to bring more structure to your responsibilities through budget, for lists, forwarding plans or diary and effective time management. Close the opportunities that are no longer in alignment with your goals.

Inversion of Pentacles can also be an indication that you are investing in an area of ​​your life at the expense of others. For example, you can achieve excellence in your career, but there is little time for your family or your partner, so that they feel disconnected and alone.

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