Choose a tarot card !! See what Message Angels giving you today ??? (23rd July 2019)

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Hello gorgeous soul,

Focus on 4 Tarot Cards and use the perfect inner intuition for yourself which is for you.


Do you think one of the tarot cards is calling you? When you gaze at any of them then your third eye blows? Reach deep within and understand what is the message behind the card.



A. Two of wand:


Presently you are reflecting on your own cosmic universe and where you are at the top. There is a wonderful revelation coming up and you have requested to come out of a known and experienced experience. It’s time to take out your visionary side and plot your move.


You are always pushing ideas and now it is time to work, believe in the beautiful soul in itself. Oh, and a proposal is coming in your way which can be more valuable than the first thought.


B. The Fool:


Wow! Flowers have dice in the Tarot deck and taking you to new experiences and the world. It’s time to take a leap of confidence, to suit your ability. You are rolling the dice of life and roaming in a brand spreading a new reality.


Your impulse side is drawing you towards change. You are a rocket-fuel sensation that is eager to celebrate a new one. Feel the scope of excitement and go in and send back the big shot of YES which is sending you.


C. The Four of Pentacles:


It is time to reopen your heart and achieve your energy. You are blocked at this time and are operating with a fear-based mentality. Sweet soul, you have done a lot but please do not lose faith that you can flow in love and abundance.


When we stop or treat to limit the pain, we inadvertently interfere with our progress. It is time for an emotional improvement and you have to open the door to your emotional, spiritual and sensual freedom.


Work on your cycle and check your belief system. Support and nurture yourself and mix with those you meet.


D.The lover:


Boom boom shakalaka! Your passion is climbing new heights. You are playing with love and emotion, and are going to experience a major love upgrade. Your love is contagious and the more you keep it out, the more it flows back.


If you are in a relationship, then its heart is expected to grow one? Love is coming and it is likely to be instant and compelling. At the very least you are refueling and flowing to make and flow, you have got a spring in your step and love is in your soul. Shine, Goddess, Shine

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