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 Welcome to Tarot Reading Course: –


Online/ offline Tarot reading course

Tarot reading classes! Become a professional Tarot Card Reader with Tarot expert Bhawna Bathla

Announcing Online /Offline courses available O

ne Day session of “Learning Tarot Card Readings”
On Every Saturday

* Interested, then pls enroll yourself. Only few seats available.
Course fee-5500/-
Duration- you can  contact with us for more details in my whatup 9540046626

If you want to read card meanings in hindi .. it will cost 1000/ – for this contact 9311848538

Protected: All Tarot Cards with there meaning Hindi and English


Timings- (Will be intimated)

Enlightenment will be given by *Mrs. Bhawna Bathla Tarot Reader*
Notes will be provided and detailed explanation will be given..

We provide weekly / offline classes and workshops on the subject of tarot. Bhawna Bathla is an intutive tarot card reader and instructor. Her classes focus on teaching the symbolic and radical principles of the Tarot, with the practical use of Tarot in daily life. Learn how Tarot can help you gain self-exploration, spiritual insight and more clarity! You can find Bhawna on this website:

Topics to be covered

Online / offline course! syllabus:


Lesson 1 – Introduction to Tarot

— A little history, some philosophy

Tarot elements:

Lesson 2 – Major Archana

— fool’s journey

Lesson 3 – Small Archana

Lesson 4 – Spread

To read:

Lesson 5 – Daily Reading

Lesson 6 – Environment – Internal and External

Lesson 7 – Writing questions

Lesson 8 – Reading Questions

— Shuffle Methods

— Step by step process

Lesson 9 – Other Reading

— Step by step process

Principles of Interpretation:

Lesson 10 – Interpreting a Single Card

Lesson 11 – Major and Minor Archana Cards

Lesson 12 – Aces

Lesson 13 – Court Card

Lesson 14 – Add Cards

Lesson 15 – Position Pair in Celtic Cross Spread

Lesson 16 – Reverse Card

Lesson 17 – Creating a Story

ending :

Lesson 18 – Some Final Thoughts

— Some concluding thoughts about the meaning and purpose of tarot work.

Although classes are geared towards students of all levels, Bhawna Tarot specializes in reading knowledge and its practical uses. Please note that we require a minimum of 4 hours notice to cancel your seat and replace your RSVP. We only allow 2 no shows due to space limitation, after which we will be subject to removal from the membership list.

This is our Tarot COURSE 👇




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