What is wish numbar. How to use it

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Hello Friends  Switch word give you a wish number  and that is 1176…. 

How to use it


Take a blank paper write your wish in a manner as though.. you have already received your wish for eg.
I have received rupees 2000..
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Write 1176 below it keep the paper .under your pillow during sleep..

Write on your body while writing intent your wish in your mind right with green pen.
Write on mirror
Write your tea mug

Write on your car dashboard your built after get a chance to Grace it while driving.

Canting say the wish in your mind in future tense
Offer gratitude then begin chanting 1176 with visualization that your wish has been fulfilled. Keep your belief strong that your wish will get full filled practice with small wishes then.

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