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Why Tiger Stone is considered beneficial,know what is the story behind the name and benefits of tiger stone wearing.
Various methods have been told in astrology to reduce the effects of bad planets. One of them is to wear gemstones. Wearing gems does not bring inauspicious results. Good results start coming. The sufferings of life begin to subside.

Benefits Of Tiger stone

Benefits of Tiger Gemstone Main Features Tiger Stone is an immediately fruitful gemstone, this gemstone is not very precious, its effect is visible as soon as you wear it.

Tiger Gemstone Benefti:

Gemstones are very effective. By wearing them, the bad planets sitting in the horoscope leave their bad effects and start giving good effects. In the olden times, great kings used to make use of precious gems.

The brilliance of gems attracts every person towards it. Such is the Tiger Ratna. It also works like its name. Tiger gemstone is the most effective and quick giving gemstone. It is also called Tiger Eye. Due to the yellow and black stripes on this stone like a tiger, it is called Tiger Stone. It also produces traits similar to Tiger i.e. Cheetah in effect. Wearing it gives immediate benefits

According to astrology, one who repeatedly fails in business and other works due to lack of person. leading a miserable life. Tiger stone gives amazing self confidence to that person. Wearing it gives complete success. The person becomes courageous and masculine. Self-confidence like a lion is also capable of providing this gem. This stone is considered an invisible companion of timid, indifferent people. Awareness is generated in such persons by wearing Tiger stone.

Features of Tiger Stone

Tiger gemstone is the most effective and fast giving gemstone. In a short time it starts showing its effect. Gemstones are bright, impressive stones full of energy. Permanent remedy is done by the gems by reaching the human body by the rays and waves of different planets. This is called gem astrology.

In astrology, after the result, the place of remedy is considered to be the best. One of the remedies is Rashmi Vigyan which is called Ratna Jyotish Vigyan. On the basis of gemology, many methods in astrology give permission to wear gems for the remedy.

But wearing a gemstone without being proven and consecrated is not particularly successful or miraculously fruitful. According to astrology, this stone is considered an invisible companion of fearful indifferent people.

Awareness is generated in such persons by wearing Tiger Ratna. Courage grows. Mental stress is reduced. This gem also provides auspicious results for those people whose fate is asleep.

dead fate comes alive

Sleeping luck means that the person is not able to take full advantage of his efforts. The fruits of hard work are not getting equal. That person has to face various difficulties and struggles at every step in life.

In life, you are suffering like death, accidents happen, problems are increasing continuously, your fame and fame never come to the fore. Be troubled by enemies.

In such a situation, Tiger Stone proves to be a boon. After consecrating it, it should be worn in the morning on Saturday. This Tiger gem will wake up the sleeping fortune.
This Prana consecrated

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By wearing this gem, all these planets will move straight.

For the Sun planet, this gemstone should be worn on Sunday. With this your Sun will be strong and will give you favorable results.

If you want to strengthen your Moon. Want to get favorable results. So you should wear this Tiger Stone on Monday.

To strengthen Mars, wearing this stone on Tuesday brings unexpected benefits.

To strengthen the planet Mercury, this gemstone should be worn on Wednesday.

Wearing it on Thursdays will bring many benefits in life to get benefits from the planet Jupiter.

People who take various measures to strengthen Venus. He should wear this stone on Friday, all the bad works will be seen to be done very soon.

This gem is considered very useful in getting the blessings of the planet Shani, the god of justice. If you wear it on Saturday, then you will get full blessings of Shani Dev. To avoid the wrath of the evil planet Rahu, wearing this gemstone on Wednesday will fulfill the wishes.

there is a saying. Ketu chhuvai khet i.e. on whom Ketu has a bad effect, Ketu planet does not allow that person to stay in the house or the ghat. Deprives him of even land, the family has to leave the house. In that situation, this gemstone Tiger Stone is considered very successful. Ketu does not show its bad effect by wearing it on Wednesday.

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