Bhawna Bathla Tarot Cards Reader

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Bhawna Bathla Tarot Cards Reader

 Bhawna Bathla Famous Tarot Cards Reader and Numerological is a famous pioneer in the field of Numerology Science and healing.

She is a life coach and can look to the past Present and future while channeling during your sessions And it all comes from divine sources. she is naturally talented intuitive.

Bhawna Bathla is the master of spiritual faith, various Cultures around the world, different aspects of Vedas, More than 50 forms of Tantra, Medicine, Mysticism, shamanism, fairy, fairies, spirit medium, quantum physics, human psychology, witchcraft, herbs…

Bhawna Bathla makes things happen and the problems disappear just be with him. His presence and his stars are such that You will never be disappointed once you approach her With the disclaimer that you keep your intentions clear.

She Uses Healing Frequency, Sacred Numbers, Akashiko Records Channeling, Switchwords, Magic Numbers,
Channeling Spirit Guides, Tarot, Astrology, Shamanism, Fairy and Angel, H. Hoodoo, Wicca, Spells and Help Provide the best possible way for people to work in Mourning.

Hers regular workshops, lectures and seminars Various topics help to manifest your dreams like money,
Health, job, dream home and the list goes on. she is Mourning. His regular workshops, lectures and seminars

Who am I?

Who am I and what do I really …

I am Bhawna Bhthla  born with gifts that were a bit difficult to grasp in my early growing up years!

I could see the energy and spiritual presence around the people I met, since I was 5 years old, I just knew that there is more to life than what the eyes can see and the mind understands. 

By the age of 15, recurring dreams of certain gods and signs prompted me to do more research, and I was surprised to find those gods once existed in Greece as gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and healing.  was promoted.

I asked for signs that appeared and saw miraculous connections to shamanism, faith healing, and paganism in various ways.

I have mastered various aspects of Vedas, Tantra, over 50 forms of Healing, Mysticism, Shamanism, Angels, Fairies, Spirit Mediums, Quantum Physics, Human Psychology, Witchcraft, Herbs and the list goes on!!  Always fascinated by candle magic and

I am a medical intuitive and spiritual scientist and conduct various study groups and workshops on spiritual ways to enhance our lives.

I live a magical life and feel honored to be able to guide, counsel and help.

I use a mix of Healing Frequencies, Sacred Numbers, Akashic Records Channeling, Switchwords, Magical Numbers, Channeling Spirit Guides, Tarot, Astrology, Shamanism, Fairy and Angel Aids to give the best possible magical push to make problems disappear  !

I use magical and blessed water vials, herbs, healing oils, incantations, spells, invocations and various forms of miraculous healing to create and design special rituals that create an energy that is impossible to feel.  Is !!!

I make magical candles and talismans and am influenced by magical moon cycles and most of my work is done based on the various Esbats and Sabbaths that come several times a year and that’s when the magical energy is at its peak!!!

I teach self-healing and educate people on various forms of spiritual arts such as tarot, spellcraft, candle magic, kitchen witchery, switchwords and more.

Anyone who seeks my guidance should respect my work and visit my campus with confidence.

My consultation is also available via email,  and telephone and

I can be contacted on my whatsup group

I am also expert in curing black magic.
I have received a special gift of healing from the Goddess.
I have been practicing successfully for the past several years and am now a well-known pioneer in the field of spiritual aid.
I keep getting darshan of their deities, gurus and ascending gurus constantly.
I can connect with healing energies - those around a person in the form of parental support or guardians.
I have spent many years studying ancient and modern occult and researched many people and learned which information about black magic was true and what was completely wrong and how can it be corrected.  or can be traced back to its source.
My work and healing have spread across the world today.
I experience guidance from the celestial realms - who show me how to break these spells.

To get his help, leave your question at 

Email – [email protected] 

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udemy course of bhawna bathla

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cut negative cords

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guide to manifest money

Ultimate  Guide to Manifest Money


shri Sai kasht nivarni

Shri Sai Kasht Nivarni In Hindi

Build blogs this way and earn MILLIon dollers

Build Blog This Way And Earn Million Dollers

Divine Journyey with Angels

Divine Journey With Angels


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