Miracle of prosperity :SWITCHWORD BOOKLET

Hello friends,Money is not everything but everything needs money.lets write the number on our left hand with blue or green ink daily,chant it 45 times in a single go,do it twice or thrice or as many times as you like.Have patience,don’t set conditions, surrender to the code,let it shower it’s miracle on us. When you … Read more


https://wealthhiwealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Screenshot_20210203-171022_Chrome.jpg Hello friends, Switchword booklet give a strong switchword for reiki healers  This it a sacred code for healers and reiki masters and students. Hello friends,   Reiki people know that while doing Reiki many times we feel low energy in our switchword booklet also gives switchword for people who are Reiki. This switchword has been … Read more

What is wish numbar. How to use it

what is wish number  whis is magically fulfil your wish word give you a wish number  and that is … How to use it   https://wealthhiwealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Screenshot_20210216-032024_Pinterest.jp   Take a blank paper write your wish in a manner as though.. you have already received your wish for eg.I have received rupees 2000..Thank you. Thank you. Thank … Read more

Vastu Shastra ke hisab se money place kaha ho

Vastu Shastra ke hisab se har ghr me ek money place hota hai हर घर और कार्यस्थल एक ‘ धन जगह ‘ ( money place)होता । कभी-कभार धन स्थान घर या कार्यस्थल में नहीं हो सकता । यहां तक कि अगर धन जगह घर में है, तो यह बाथरूम, शौचालय और उपयोगिता कमरे के स्थान … Read more