Osho Thoughts in english

Osho International thoughts in English [ life Philosophy]

Many people get birh, everyone gets it. life is not for everyoneYou get birth, you have to get life. You get birth from nature, life has to be attained by you through spiritual practice. Man’s whole life is a life bound by false ropes and false pegs.[Life’s Philosophy-1] some Osho International Thoughts [Life’s Philosophy] One […]

What Osho say about life?

osho thoughts that change life Osho Revolutionized the world and what Osho has said about life? On his birth anniversary, here are seven life lessons given by the guru that will remain valid for centuries to come. This article has been republished from Rajneesh’s death anniversary. This was originally published in January 2018.) “To avoid […]

What is Semen || Is this alive or not? ||

This is spiritual post of Osho but i Provide many information of semen and give you answer of the question ” How to know if sperm is healthy? A semen is made up of two things. Only then your whole body can also be made of two things – one is the body of the […]

How To Destroy Love Attraction?

Osho explains this with a very beautiful story… An emperor fell in love with a poor woman. Was the emperor! The woman was so poor that she could be bought, there was no problem. She called the woman and called her father and said: Take whatever you want, from the treasure, but this girl will […]

Man And Woman || Diferanceses ||

used to meditate everyday night sitting on a big tree. When one day became absorbed in meditation, I do not know; And when the body fell from the tree, I do not know. When the body fell down, then I startled and saw what happened! I was on the tree and the body fell down! […]

Meditation with Music” LISTENING MEDITATION

let you know about osho meditation with Music. Listen music carefully and search for its vertebrate – Find the central voice that keeps the entire music alive Say sivaListen to the joint central sound of the sound of stringed instruments; Thus become available to ubiquity. You hear a musical instrument, sitar or some instrument. There […]

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