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Crystal is a power in itself. They are made for one energy and every person connects his energy with the person who wears them, as if a person’s earning should be 100 rupees. But even after trying his best, he manages to earn only ₹40.

In such a situation, he is asked to wear a bracelet to boost his energy. By wearing the bracelet his energy increases and now he can earn 100 rupees which the universe has decided for him

1 — Crystals come out of many hands and also accept the energy of others that came out of each hand. Some of these hands are good. If some are bad, then whenever these crystals should be worn, they should be purified and worn. Some of these hands are good. If something bad happens, then whenever these crystals should be worn, they should be worn after purifying them

2— Second, it is very important to wear them after charging them with your name. While charging, it is said that the crystal Help this person by giving your power.

3— Thirdly it is necessary that the crystal should be original because the demand of crystal is as much as it is today. In view of this, many duplicate crystals have come in the market.

Welcome all of you to our healing crystal 369 online store . We have made our mark among the people.

This team of ours is continuously taking it upwards for this work. Because our original and charged crystals are helping people, and they are also getting help.


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