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Card no.-3 High priestess

High priestess is a card of mystery, peace and inaction. This card tells you that it is time to rejoin time and to rely on your inner tendency to reflect the situation and guide you through it. The things around you are not what they see now.

The high priestess sits in front of a thin veil decorated with pomegranate. The veil represents different senses and subconscious areas, seen and overlooked, and works to keep the casual audience out. Only the beginner can enter. Pomegranate abundance on the veil, symbolizes fertility and divine feminine, and are sacred to Persephone, which used to eat a pomegranate seed in the underworld and were forced to go back every year.

There are two pillars on either side of the high priestess, who mark the entrance of this sacred, mysterious temple (associated with Solomon’s Temple). A column B (Boaz, which means ‘in his strength’) is black with the letter and the second letter is white with J (Jachin, which means he will establish).

The black and white colors of the pillars are symbols of dualism – masculine and feminine, dark and light – saying that knowledge and duality acceptance is necessary to enter this sacred place.

The high priestess wears a blue rope with a cross and a horned academy (or crown) on his chest, which is a symbol of his divine wisdom and his status as a divine ruler. In his lap, he holds a scroll with the TORA letter, which shows the Greater Law (according to A.A. Wight).

It is partly covered, it shows that this sacred knowledge is both clear and inherent, it will only appear when students are ready to look beyond the physical realms. In its phases, the crescent moon symbolizes its divine woman, its intuition, and its relation with the subconscious mind and the natural cycles of the Moon

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