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Card no.-2 The Magician keywords

When the magician appears in dissemination, it indicates the talent, capabilities and resources in the disposal of talent to succeed. The message is to tap in someone’s full capacity instead of holding back, especially when some need to change.

The magician card number is on – the number of new beginnings and opportunities – and Mercury is associated with the planet. He stands with one hand, which leads to the universe, and the other points towards the Earth. Their position represents their relationship between spiritual places and physical locations.

The magician uses this connection to create and reveal his goals in the physical field. It is a conduit that converts energy into matter. Magician’s garden is white, symbolizes purity, and its cloak is red, which represents worldly experience and knowledge.

In front of him there are four symbols of tarot suit on the table – one cup, pentagon, sword and stick – symbolizes one of four elements – water, earth, air and fire. It is also an indication that he has all the tools (and elements) needed to reveal his intentions.

There is an infinite symbol above his head, and a snake is cutting his tail around his waist – both indicate that he has access to unlimited potential. And there is a series of leaves and flowers in the foreground, which is a symbol of the blossom and the fruit of their thoughts and aspirations

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