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  • used to meditate everyday night sitting on a big tree. When one day became absorbed in meditation, I do not know; And when the body fell from the tree, I do not know. When the body fell down, then I startled and saw what happened! I was on the tree and the body fell down! How is the experience experienced, it is very difficult to say. I was sitting on the tree and the body fell down and I was seeing that he fell down. Just one silver-rope, a silver cord was attached to the navel and to me. A very bright white line Something was beyond understanding that what will happen now? How will i come back
  • It does not even know how long this condition remained. But unfortunately experienced. The first time the body was seen from outside the body. And the body ended from that day Death ended with that day Because another body appeared which is different from the body. Another microscopic body is experienced. It’s hard to say how long it’s been, it’s hard to say. In the morning, two women took milk from the village and from a village, and they saw the body lying down and the body lying there. I see from above that they have come closer and sat down. Someone died! And they put their hands on the head – and in one moment, with intense attraction, I came back into my body and the eye opened.
  • Then there was another experience. The second experience is that the woman can produce an alchemical and chemical change in the body of a man and the male can produce a chemical change in the body of the woman. It was also thought that touching that woman and coming back to me, how it happened! Then there was a great deal of experience and then I came to understand that the Tantricians in India who used the most on samadhi and on death, why they also tied the women with them. Because in the use of deep meditation, if the Tejas body has gone out of the body, the subtle body has gone, without the help of a woman, the Tejas of the man can not be returned to the body. Or if the woman’s tejas has gone out, then without the help of a man it can not be returned. An electric circle, an electric circle is completed as soon as the body of a woman and a male body is found, and the one who has gone out comes back inwardly, intensely.
  • Then, in six months, that experience has been six times continuous, and in six months I experienced that my age has decreased by at least ten years. Ten years has come to mean, if I win seventy years, then I will live sixty years now. In six months there was an awkward experience. All the hair of the chest became white, within six months. I got out of my understanding that this is happening!
  • And then it also came to mind that the connection between this body and that body has been tarnished, the synergy between the two of them has been broken. And then I also came to understand that death of Shankaracharya at the age of thirty-three or Vivekananda’s death at the age of thirty-six has something else to do. If the relationship of these two breaks very fast, then it is difficult to live. And then I also came to realize that Ramkrishna is also surrounded by many diseases and the reason for Raman’s death by cancer is not physical, because the synergy between them is a breakdown.
  • People generally say that the yogi is very healthy, but the reality is exactly the opposite. The truth is that today the yogi has always been a sick person and dies in an early age. And its total cause is so much that the adjustment between those two bodies, which requires adjustment, becomes interrupted. As soon as the body gets out, then it can not enter the entire state completely right afterwards. But there is no need for it, there is no purpose, there is no meaning to it.


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