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Osho explains this with a very beautiful story…

How To Destroy Love Attraction with osho

An emperor fell in love with a poor woman. Was the emperor! The woman was so poor that she could be bought, there was no problem.

She called the woman and called her father and said: Take whatever you want, from the treasure, but this girl will give me it. I fell in love with it.

Yesterday I used to ride on the horse, I saw it floating on the well, since then I could not sleep.

The father was very pleased, but the daughter became very sad. He said, I’m sorry! You will say, I will come in your palace, but I have some love for you. I will be your wife too, but this love will be obstacle. I will not be able to love you.

The emperor was thoughtful person. He thought that it would not be an abstract. How is love from me?

Whose love is it, it’s been detected A simple man. The emperor was very surprised that he loved her!

But love is always oblivious. He asked his stewards what should I do to break this love?

You will be amazed, the advice given by the Waziris was very amazing. You can not believe that this advice has ever been given.

Because this advice … this story is outdated, with Freud being a thousand years old. Freud could give it advice.

Psychology can give this advice now. And psychology will also be a little hesitant to give advice.

The advice was given to the wazirs that both of them should be tied naked to a pillar, they should be tied to each other and tied to pillars.

The emperor said: What will happen? This is his desire that he should break into one’s arms.

They said: Do not worry. Just then they should not be left, let them be tied.

They were tied in the embrace and tied with a nude nude.   (Osho how to destroy love attraction)

Now you just think, the woman whom you love, then whoever she is, why should she not be the most beautiful of this world? Or is your love with a man, why he does not have

Mr. Universe, it does not matter – how long will you be able to embrace?osho how to destroy love attraction 

At first the two were very happy, because they could not even get due to obstacles of society.

The castes were different, the religion was different, the theft – hidden here – there used to be a little bit of time – very much.

Nude in the embrace of each other! At first, they were very happy, running and clinging together each other. But when the ropes were tied with a pillar, then how much happiness is there?

It must have been a few minutes since they started to worry that how to be different now, how different now, how to discount now? But they remained tied.

A few hours passed and then the fury started. Immersion of excrement has also been done. The mess spread

. Dementia also came from each other. Sweat of one another Such a panic happened. And had to stay tied for twenty-four hours.

Then as soon as he left them, the story says, then they did not see each other from one side to another, then once again. That young man left the village and left.

It was a great solution to ending love, but a big psychologist.

You see, the love in the West is going to break down! reason? There is no interruption between man and woman, so love is breaking.

Men and women have become so easily available that one can not escape love, love will break, only love will break.

The joint family is not in the West, so both husband and wife are left alone in a house. When you meet; Say what to say; The longer you sit down to sit – there is no obstruction, no obstacle.

They are scared soon. Soon the happiness goes away.


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