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Many people get birh, everyone gets it. life is not for everyone
You get birth, you have to get life. You get birth from nature, life has to be attained by you through spiritual practice.

Man’s whole life is a life bound by false ropes and false pegs.[Life’s Philosophy-1]

some Osho International Thoughts [Life’s Philosophy]

One dark night, in a deserted desert, a convoy came to an inn and stopped.

It was night, it was dark and the convoy had lost its way. In the middle of the night, searching and searching, they reached that inn. The travelers were tired, the⁷ir camels were tired too. They quickly pulled out the pegs, pulled the ropes and tied the camels. There were a hundred camels near that convoy. But perhaps in a hurry a camel’s peg and rope got lost in the dark of night. One camel was left tied.

It was a dark night and it was not right to leave the camel untethered, it was likely to go astray.

The owners of that convoy went to the old owner of the inn and said that if a peg and a rope could be found,

it would be a great blessing. A camel was left open for us, the rope-peg has been lost somewhere.

The old man said, there is no need for a rope and a peg. You go, bury the peg and tie the rope. It was so foolish, so pointless.

Had there been a peg and a rope – those owners said – we would have tied it ourselves. There is no peg and rope, that’s what we have come to ask.

But the old man said, you only bury the false peg. How will the camel know in the dark whether the true peg has gone or the false one? You tie a false rope only.

They didn’t understand the point, but there was no other way. Thought it is worth trying an experiment.

They went and they pinned a peg in the dark, which was not a peg at all. Just the sound of thumping, the camel stood up, he sat down, he thought maybe the peg was tied.

And then he undertook to tie the rope. The rope was not there, but as if there was a rope, he would have tied it, he did the same kind of undertaking. And then went to sleep.

In the morning he saw the camel sitting in its place; The tied camel is also sitting, the untied camel is also sitting. He untied the tied camels, they were to set out on a new journey.

There was no question of untie the camel, they tried to lift it without opening it. But the camel refused to rise. He was tied. They went to the owner of the inn and said, What a surprise! The camel doesn’t get up. Did you do magic?

We had doubts even in the night that we do not know what magic is being done.

Somewhere the camel is tied to a false peg! Has anyone ever been tied with a false rope! And now it became more difficult that the camel refused to get up. The old man said, first untie the peg and untie the rope. But they started saying, if it is a peg, then we should uproot it! The old man said, when the peg was there while tying, the peg is still there.

It was a compulsion. It was absolutely insane. But they went and pulled the peg, untied the rope, and the camel got up and stood. He thanked the old man and said, Thank you very much. You seem to be very knowledgeable about camels.

The old man said, Excuse me! I have no identity with camels. I certainly know a lot about men.

Then I thought that even when a man is tied with false pegs and ropes, then the poor camel, he can be bound.

Man’s whole life is a life bound by false ropes and false pegs. All misery of man is misery tied to falsehood and imagination.

All concern of man is created by man’s own imagination. And man has tied so many false pegs and ropes that today his life is nothing but those false ropes and pegs.

Olsho International Thoughts [Life’s Philosophy]

Awareness [Life’s philosophy-2]

Unmani means – Awake! Be a watcher of this which is the web of the mind; Don’t be the enjoyer, don’t be the doer. Move a little away from it, move a little beyond it. Stand on the side of the road without considering yourself as one in the crowd of the road. Standing on the side of the road and watching the path go by, as if we have nothing to do with the path—absolute, impartial, neutral, neutral, witness only—and the unmanifest condition will prevail. Because as soon as you are separated from the mind, the mind is dead.

It is with your cooperation that the thoughts of the mind proceed. Your energy gives them life. They have no energy of their own, you put life into them, you breathe with your help. They live by your breath and beat with the beat of your heart. You pulled your hands that they went to their bases, that they would fall like a palace of cards. There will be no delay even for a moment in their fall. They are your guests, you are the hosts. You are welcoming them, so they are fixed in your mind. The day you will welcome you back and greet them and say – Enough is enough! And you will go away from the welcome, the same day the guests will start leaving! And then comes the unmani state of the mind. By and by the thoughts go away, farther and farther away….

And understand the fun, as the thoughts go away, in the same way God is closer. The more thoughts you have in your mind, the greater the distance from God; The fewer thoughts that remain, the shorter the distance. The ratio of thought is distance from God. The distance is in the same proportion. The day the thoughts become absolutely zero, on that day there will be no distance. There is only one process of sannyas — unmani mudra! Therefore sannyas does not have to be organized from outside. What to eat, what to drink, how to get up, how to sit – all these are secondary. The real thing happens within, in the innermost being.

I brought Unmani Mudra Dhar Fakiri.
And the one who holds such a posture, he is a fakir, he is a sannyasin.

Essence Sutra – Do what you want for yourself, for others [Life’s philosophy-3]

Do what you want for yourself, do for others and what you don’t want for yourself, don’t do to others.

meaning of love
You don’t do anything, just love..

the meaning of love is
That you see the other as your own, self. Even a person starts seeing you like yourself, then the window opens in your
life. Then this window gets bigger. A moment comes when you treat the whole existence as you would like to treat yourself.

And when you treat the whole existence as if
Existence is your expansion, so the whole existence is also yours
behaves the same way. What you give comes back to you. You give a little love, it pours on you a thousand fold. You smile a little, the whole world smiles with you.

there is a saying
If you cry you will cry alone, if you laugh then the whole existence laughs with you. It is a very true saying. There is no partner in crying.
Because existence does not know to cry. Existence knows only celebration. It’s not even his fault.
Cry – you will cry alone. Laugh – flowers, mountains, stones, moonlights,
You will find everyone laughing with you. The one who weeps is left alone. For the one who laughs, all become companions, the whole existence is included.

Love will make you laugh. Love will give you a smile that lasts, Like a deep sweetness that makes you cry
spreads in. Love will fill you with joy…


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