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Osho meditation with Music

let you know about osho meditation with Music.

Listen music carefully and search for its vertebrate – Find the central voice that keeps the entire music alive

Say siva
Listen to the joint central sound of the sound of stringed instruments; Thus become available to ubiquity.

You hear a musical instrument, sitar or some instrument.

There are many voices in it. Be alert and listen to its central voice – that voice is his spinal cord, and all tone; Listen to its deepest stream which restores all the other vowels like your entire body has its spinal cord, its backbone, and there is also the backbone of music.

 Listen to music by listening to music and discover its vertebrae – Find the central voice that keeps the whole music alive. The tones are dissolved, but the central element remains flowing.

Be aware of him

By the way, originally the music was used for meditation. The development of Indian music was especially in the form of meditation method.

Similarly, the development of Indian dance is also like meditation. Not only for musician or dancer, but also for the listener or the audience, they were the measures of deep meditation.

Dancer or musician can be just an instrument, a technician. If he does not have meditation in dance or music, then he is a technician.

He will be a big technician but then his music does not have a soul, he is full of body. The soul happens when the musician is also deeply meditated.

Music is an external thing. But the player playing the sitar does not just play the sitar. He is also awakening his understanding within.

The sitar plays out and the senses move inwardly. The music flows out, but it remains always aware of the center of music. He brings Samadhi. He brings happiness That becomes the peak …

What do you do when you listen to music? You do not care; Conversely, you use music as a wine. You use music to be light; You use music for self-forgetfulness.

This is the misfortune, it is the generation that the methods were developed for awareness, they are being used for sleep! And this is an example of how man is being abused and misbehaving with …

This formula says that “listen to the sound of the composite central sound, listening to the sound of the stringed instruments; So be available to ubiquity. “And then you will know him, who is knowledgeable.

Then you will become ubiquitous. With that music, you will wake up by attaining its social center and you will be omnipresent with that awakening.

Now you are somewhere else; That point we call ego You are at the same point right now. If you wake up then this point will get dissolved. Then you will not be anywhere in a place. You will be the ocean. You’ll be infinite

There is a limit with the mind and infinite enters with meditation.

Meditation: First and final liberation

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