When the lovers the harsh!! Osho

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When the lovers is harsh!



So this is the toughest time of time life! And occasionally death seems to be easier than life. But whoever goes to the depth of this divine love and who has the power to drink this poisonous poison, he will fall in love with one’s own self and he who falls in love with himself will be in love with the entire existence. And then her whole existence will be loved
Then the love and happiness in the person will decrease without cause.
The dependence of the means for love and happiness will be lost. The person himself will become an independent source of that Amritam Divya Prem, in whose search it sometimes goes on the journey of love, he will find it in his own.

The lover just wants that we should not depend on any medium for love, not even ourselves. He wants us just so much that we should fall in love with ourselves, and after ending with the bondage of death, our friend will be united in Advaita. Where there is not just pain We become zero, we become infinite, become Shiva.

But it is rare to find a lover who can show the path of Shiva’s journey from eternal life and also infinite love, there is so much compassion in it that even our tears have not melted! This thirsty thirst leads to perfection towards the Advaita, towards the ultimate truth.
In someone, it is a means to become a deep Absolute of love, and to cultivate the same love in the same love! The disappearance of the instrument is the supreme form of love, salvation is liberation! Love is what self-reliance teaches !!



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