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Osho’s thoughts that change life

Why are people suffering at the moment of death
Why do people suffer at the moment of death?

Have you seen a bird die? Such a simple, such a simple, quietly departed! Even the wings do not flutter. The noise does not arise. Birds depart so quietly, they depart so easily! Not a little bit. No more noise. Have you seen animals die? There is an extraordinary peace even in death.

Look at a man dying – how much fuss is created, how much he tries to stop! What will be the reason? The reason is: life went in vain and death came. Now there is no time left. Empty came empty, no filler and death came. What should a man do if he agrees?

Only full men can die in peace. Yes, Buddha departs peacefully, with joy, with zeal; Like going on a lovely trip! Even for a moment, not even a particle is fascinated to be tied to this coast.

Leave your boat to go to the other side. Unwrap your wings. Virat’s call came, voice came, message came. How to stop? Then lived this beach a lot, lived it

wholeheartedly, lived it alive! Listened to the songs of this beach, and also sang the song of this coast.

To see the dance of this beach also, dance of this beach was also danced. Whatever was beautiful on this coast, whatever was valuable, everyone tasted it. It was time to leave.

There will be more on the shores now. Now more dances and songs will arise. Now more lamps will burn. There is a joy. One is ready to go. It is difficult if the song is not sung.

Death is pain, because the song is not sung. Far from singing the song, the instrument is also broken. Veena’s strings are also uprooted. The instrument is also distorted.

The voice is also dead. This voice which was given to the song, has died while abusing. The souls given for prayer had no connection with their prayers;

They have been broken and ruptured in the disaster of status and prestige. These beats which were meant to dance with the divine, have sold them cheaply in the market.

People die by selling souls, they die crying. Your song is definitely a song. And this song cannot be sung by you.

You have to give way that God can sing. And when this song is sung, it is known that the apna hai is not alien, it belongs to him.
Jyoti to jyoti

Osho story about depression

I have heard: A person suffering from depression went to a big doctor. The doctor examined him and found that he had nothing.

The doctor said, ‘I don’t see anything wrong in your body and I can give you some medicine. I will not suggest. But a famous comedian Grimaldi’s comedy show is happening in the city, you go to see it. Laugh out loud in the comedy show.

If you can laugh then all your sadness, all the sadness, all the depression will disappear. And Its effect will be more profound on you than any medicine because there is nothing wrong in your body.

You have forgotten only one thing, laughing. You have forgotten the language of laughing.
You will have to learn that language again. You do not need any treatment.
Just go to Grimaldi’s show and laugh. ‘
The man said,
‘Hey Grimaldi, I am the one.’ …… .. !!!
You have the same story with you. You have forgotten your introduction. You are God.

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