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The Buddha did not end and neither did Jesus end. Nothing here ever ends. ……

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Everyone lives here in perpetuity. The threads that Buddha had touched of Chaitanya are still shaking today.

Even today, if someone wants to join Buddha and even today, if anyone wants to join Jesus. Even today one can find the route.

If you want to eradicate the problems of the world, if you really want, then erase your problems. You have taken a big step to eradicate the problems of the world.

But I often see that people who are eager to eradicate problems of the world, they are people who are unable to erase their problems, are impotent.

They are so impotent in erasing their problems that they take to erase the problems of others so that they do not even see their own problems.

Similar people become social workers, become politicians, and have to fix the whole world. Be careful with them These are rowdy people. They have not been able to solve their own but have started solving the other.

A man went to a doctor’s house and said that I am suffering from Tuberculosis. I have got everyone treated. I have suppressed the steps of all the doctors of this village, now you are left.

And people have said that you are very experienced in this disease. The doctor said, I am very experienced, I have thirty years of experience. You will definitely be fine. Medications started. Medications lasted for six months.

The condition worsened. Money is also going on, the condition is also deteriorating, after all, the man asked, you used to say that you have thirty years of experience, nothing seems to be visible.

He has thirty years of experience. For thirty years I have been troubled by this disease myself.
Such are the experienced people. Beware of such experienced people. If such an experienced man starts pressing your feet, then refrain.

Often, when someone presses their feet, there is no desire to be saved, and you lie down with your legs stretched out, let us do some social service, it is also getting merit, it is also benefitting itself. But keep in mind, those who start with the feet end by pressing the neck.

The one who pressed the leg would press the neck. Today or not tomorrow he will say, will go to Delhi. Have to go to Delhi Now send me to Delhi.
Now I have served so much, I want his award. Press your feet just like this for so many days! Now also give an opportunity to press the neck slightly.

A politician was standing in the election and was explaining to the people that the party which you have won till now and have lived for thirty years, has sucked you, robbed you, ruined you. Brothers, now give us an opportunity.

Please change yourself. Do not worry about others.

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If you change, your revenge will also benefit others. And there is no other way.

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