Philosophy of revolution with Osho

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philosophy of revolution with osho

Philosophy of revolution with osho

If you gather the thoughts of Osho, then you will see that the whole world of their collection has become one, you are welcome in the osho world, thank you for joining the osho world with affection.

Osho would To contemplate

Osho Thoughts That Change Life Osho has shown such a way for people to make the right changes in people’s lives.

Experience such a huge power that anything can be changed.

Such a large fire becomes available that the waste can be burnt.

Before that there can be no revolution, no change in life.

Therefore, pay attention to it first. Run 24 hours, do not run for half an hour. Keep in mind twenty four hours, leave half an hour empty.

Twenty four hours are entangled, only half an hour remains a witness.

This is the first sutra. And till date, those who know anything in the world do not go without this sutra.

Whatever is true, whatever is beauty, whatever great sensations are available, they have been available in silence, in solitude, in peace, in meditation.

So, whoever has the desire, who has a thirsty life, will have to step towards silence. This is the first sutra.

The same fear works because of which love does not develop in life, the same mistake works.

If I say that mistake then maybe the doors of love can open. And that mistake is this:

Love will never develop in the life of a man who will always ask for love from others.

Love will never develop in his life. Love will always be like a seed for a lover. Love will never grow

And also understand that, within whom love will not develop, even if he is begging, he cannot get love.

Because love comes from giving love, not from asking. And the more he asks for love, the more love does not develop within him.

Because love develops through giving. Love develops through charity. And by keeping the bundles inside, they rot and perish.

We are all tied to our love knots, the umbrellas are closed. 0

Perhaps we understand that after the amount on which the iron chest has to be put, the rupee is saved.

In the same way, we have locked the vault on love. We do not know that the law of money is different and the law of love is different.

It is safe from love and dying, by closing the money. What if someone who closes money in a cash box, takes flowers and closes them in the vault?

The flowers will die. Because the law of flowers is different, the law of money is different.

We also consider love as property, therefore love cannot grow. The great fun is this: love develops through sharing, robbing develops.

The louder one who throws love from within, the more his heart fills with love, the more it fills. And we are all very sad and sad.

there is any miser in relation to the rupee, there is no harm, but in the case of love, miserly suicide is proved. Those who are miser in relation to love are irreligious, that is what I call Irriligius. And in relation to love, the free hand, which is eager to share, is religious.

There is Philosophy of revolution with osho Philosophy of revolution with osho

Philosophy of revolution with oshoPhilosophy of revolution with oshoPhilosophy of revolution with oshoPhilosophy of revolution with oshoPhilosophy of revolution with oshoPhilosophy of revolution with osho

The one who wants to share and continue love is religious.

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