Numerology Course

Numerology is the science and language of numbers. Numerology is the study of numbers, meaning, symbolism and effect on a person’s life. It is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, constraints, internal needs, emotional reactions, and ways of dealing with others. By studying numbers we can find out the laws of nature … Read more

Courses– Udemy and Personal contact of wealth tarot and Astrology

wealth tarot and astrology provide courses in our parsonal level nd also provide udemy some links here Parsonaly contact for courses First : – Day session of “Learning Tarot Car Interested, then pls enroll yourself. Only few seats available.Course fee-5500/-Duration- you can  contact with us for more details in my whatup 9540046626 Timings- (Will be … Read more

After12th course

12th Exm के बाद students के बीच सबसे ज्यादा यह टेंशन रहती है कि आगे वह क्या कोर्स करे जिससे भविष्य अच्छा हो,बहुत बार students अपने माता-पिता, रिश्तेदारों और दोस्तों की सलाह पर कोर्स का का चून लेते हैं।। पर students को चाहिए कि students अपनी रुचि का ख्याल रखें और अपनी merit list के … Read more