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Meditation || chakra meditation ||10 minute meditation ||

Meditation || chakra meditation ||10 minute meditation || New Meditation process jis se Dhyan bhi lge ga aur kundalni bhi jagrit hogi Meditation DHYAN MEANS MEDITATION dhyaan ek abhyaas hai jahaan ek vyakti dhyaan aur jaagarookata ko prashikshit karane aur maanasik roop se spasht aur bhaavanaatmak roop se shaant aur sthir sthiti praapt karane ke […]

Meditation with Music” LISTENING MEDITATION

let you know about osho meditation with Music. Listen music carefully and search for its vertebrate – Find the central voice that keeps the entire music alive Say sivaListen to the joint central sound of the sound of stringed instruments; Thus become available to ubiquity. You hear a musical instrument, sitar or some instrument. There […]

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