Lesson 18 : Tarot Card Course – The Star

Star Tarot card Upright: hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality Reverse: Belief, disappointment, self-belief, lack of separation Calculation and details of star tarot card: Star cards are kneeling on a naked woman by the side of a small pool. He holds two containers of water: one in his left hand (subconscious) Continue Reading

Lesson 15: Tarot Card Course – TEMPRANCE

Temperance Tarot Card Honest: balance, patience, patience, purpose Reverse: imbalance, extra, self-healing, re-alignment Meaning and details in the Temperance Tarot Card The Temperance Card shows a large, winged angel who is both masculine and feminine. He wears a light blue rope with a triangle attached in a square towards the Continue Reading

Lesson 13: Tarot Card Course- THE HANGED MAN

HANGED MAN Honest: Prevent, surrender, let go, new attitude Reverse: Delay, Resistance, Pause, Indecision Hanged man tarot cards meaning: The Hanged Man shows a person suspended from a living wood-made T-shaped cross. He is hanging upside down, watching the world from a completely different perspective, and the expression of his Continue Reading

Lesson 10: Tarot Card Course – THE HERMIT

Hermit Tarot Cards Upright: soul-searching, introspection, being alone, internal guidance Reverse: Isolation, Loneliness, Return Calculation and Description of Hermit Tarot Cards Harmit stands alone on top of a mountain. Snow-capped range symbolizes their spiritual mastery, development and achievement. They have chosen this path of self-discovery and, as a , have Continue Reading

Lesson 9: Tarot Card Course – STRENGTH

Meaning of strength tarot cards: Upright:Honest: strength, courage, persuasion, influence, compassion Reverse:inner power, self-doubt, low energy, raw feeling Calculation and details of strength tarot cards In Strength Tarot Card, a woman gently kills a lion on her forehead and jaw. Even though it is known for its cruelty, the woman Continue Reading