Lesson 18 : Tarot Card Course – The Star

Star Tarot card Upright: hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality Reverse: Belief, disappointment, self-belief, lack of separation Calculation and details of star tarot card: Star cards are kneeling on a naked woman by the side of a small pool. He holds two containers of water: one in his left hand (subconscious) Continue Reading

Lesson 13: Tarot Card Course- THE HANGED MAN

HANGED MAN Honest: Prevent, surrender, let go, new attitude Reverse: Delay, Resistance, Pause, Indecision Hanged man tarot cards meaning: The Hanged Man shows a person suspended from a living wood-made T-shaped cross. He is hanging upside down, watching the world from a completely different perspective, and the expression of his Continue Reading

Lesson 12: Tarot Card Course – JUSTICE

 Justice Honest: Justice, Fairness, Truth, Reasons and Effects, Law Reverse: inadequacy, lack of accountability, dishonesty Justice Tarot Card Meaning and Details The figure of justice lies in front of a loose-shadow purple veil, which is a symbol of compassion, and between two pillars, is similar to the high priests and Continue Reading

Lesson-4 : Tarot Card Course – The Empress

The Empress Tarot Card https://youtu.be/hQ1VeCceAJ0 The Empress is traditionally associated with maternal influence, this is the card if you are hoping to start a family. It can represent life, romance, art, or the creation of a new business. The Queen is a beautiful, full-fledged woman with a hairy hair and Continue Reading

Lesson 1 : Tarot Card Course – The Fool

The Fool Tarot Card. Fool represents new beginnings, despite being inexperienced in the future, not knowing what needs to be done, the fate of the beginner, the workability and belief in the universe. Stupid cards in Tarot symbolize new beginnings. The basic meaning of the card is that the fool Continue Reading

Tarot Card

I WHAT  ARE TAROT CARDS AND HOW DO THEY WORK? When I tell people that I read Tarot cards for a living and teach, then one of the first questions asked is, “What are tarot cards and how do they really work?” Now, the answer to that question can be Continue Reading