the Strength Tarot Card
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Since ancient times, 78 cards known as tarot have been utilized for divination and spiritual guidance. The Strength Tarot card is one of the most significant and potent cards in the deck.

Each card has its own special connotation. We’ll look at what the Strength Tarot card means and how it can affect your life in this post.

What is the Strength Tarot Card?

Major Arcana’s eighth card is the Strength card. It shows a woman quietly keeping a lion’s jaws open, displaying a tremendous lot of bravery and inner fortitude. The woman in the card is dressed in white, which stands for innocence and purity, and she wears a floral headpiece to represent beauty and grace. The savage and primitive sides of human nature are represented by the lion, on the other hand.

The Meaning of the Strength Tarot Card:

The Tarot card for strength stands for bravery, willpower, and tenacity. It represents overcoming hardships and doing so with poise and assurance. The card implies that the one who pulls it possesses the inner fortitude necessary to face any difficulties that may arise. Also, it shows that the individual is in tune with their own power and has a profound grasp of their inner strength.

The Strength Tarot Card in Love and Relationships:

The Strength Tarot card indicates bravery and endurance in romantic relationships. It implies that you have the inner strength to get past any challenges you face and that you should be patient and collected when handling any difficulties. The card also suggests that you are very aware of your own power and should exercise it carefully in your interpersonal interactions.

The Strength Tarot Card in Career and Finance:

The Strength Tarot card is a symbol of persistence and tenacity in both work and finances. It implies that you possess the inner fortitude to get beyond any challenges you face in your professional or financial life. The card also suggests that you should be tenacious in your efforts and draw power from within to accomplish your goals.

What Is the Symbolism of the Strength Tarot Card?

The Strength Tarot card is a powerful symbol in the Tarot deck, representing a variety of concepts and ideas through its imagery and symbolism. Here are some of the key symbols associated with the Strength card:

  • The woman: The woman in the Strength Tarot card stands in for our capacity to harness and channel our own energy as well as the conscious mind. She has frequently portrayed as in charge of the circumstance as well as the strong force represented by the lion.
  • The lion: The lion stands for our instincts and the subconscious mind. It stands for unadulterated vigor, passion, and desire. The woman’s ability to manage the lion is a metaphor for our capacity to channel our inner strength in the face of strong, primal urges.
  • The infinity symbol: The infinity sign stands for the endless possibilities that are open to us when we are able to channel our inner strength and energy. It is located above the woman’s head.
  • The flowers: The woman’s hair is decorated with flowers, which stand for elegance, beauty, and the softer, more feminine facets of our character. The idea of growth and transformation is also represented by them, as flowers develop from seeds into lovely, fully-grown plants.
  • The color white: The woman is frequently shown wearing white, which is a representation of innocence, spiritual enlightenment, and purity.
  • The lemniscate: The lemniscate, which is a figure-eight shape that encircles the woman and the lion, stands for infinity, equilibrium, and the cyclical nature of life.

what does the strength tarot card mean reversed?

Reversed, the Strength Tarot card can imply that courage and inner strength may be suppressed or misdirected. A lack of self-control, internal conflict, dread, worry, a lack of confidence, or a desire to exercise control over others could all be indicated by this card.

A Tarot card that has been reversed, however, is not necessarily a bad omen; rather, it may indicate that the card’s traits require improvement. We can gain an understanding of our own internal challenges and take action to overcome them by considering the significance of the Tarot card for reversed strength.

how can we apply the energy of the Strength Tarot Card to our own lives?

Several ways can we apply the energy of the Strength Tarot card to our own life. The following advice will help you tap into the inner courage and strength this potent Tarot card symbolizes:

  • Focus on your breath: Keep your attention on your breathing. The Tarot card for strength represents inner peace and control, even in the face of trying circumstances. You can access this feeling of tranquility and centeredness by paying attention to your breath and taking slow, deep breaths.
  • Cultivate self-awareness: The Tarot card Strength symbolizes the idea of having control over your own energy and urges. You can develop self-awareness and learn to pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings in order to learn how to focus your energy in a healthy, constructive way.
  • Take care of yourself: The Strength Tarot card serves as a reminder that we must look after ourselves in order to access our inner courage and strength. This includes getting enough rest, consuming wholesome foods, working out frequently, and setting aside time for introspection and relaxation.
  • Accept your passions: The Strength Tarot card represents fervor, drive, and desire. You can access this strong energy and use it to accomplish your goals by embracing your personal passions and pursuing the things that make you happy and fulfilled.
  • Address your worries: The Tarot card Strength symbolizes the idea of tackling your anxieties head-on with strength and tenacity. You can draw on your own inner strength and courage by acknowledging your worries and taking little measures to conquer them.

the Strength Tarot Card correspondences

the Strength Tarot Card

Numerological, astrological, and elemental correspondences are some of the associations that the Strength Tarot card has. Here are a few correspondences that are frequently used with the Strength card:

  • Astrological correspondence: The Sun-ruled zodiac sign of Leo is frequently linked to the Strength Tarot card. Leo is a fire sign that represents creativity, passion, and self-expression. The Strength Tarot card embodies all of these traits.
  • Numerological correspondence: The Strength Tarot card has a numerical correlation with the number 8, which represents equilibrium, harmony, and infinity. On the Strength Tarot card, the woman and the lion are surrounded by a figure-eight pattern that symbolizes the endless aspect of the number 8.
  • Elemental correspondence: Strength is a Tarot card that corresponds to the element of fire, which is a representation of passion, vigor, and innovation. The will, as well as the capacity to focus one’s energy and attention on a certain objective, are likewise connected to the fire.
  • Color correspondence: The Strength Tarot card frequently corresponds to the color yellow, which is a representation of hope, clarity, and enlightenment. The Solar Plexus chakra, which is linked to inner strength, self-assurance, and self-esteem, and yellow are also related.


The Tarot card for strength stands for bravery, willpower, and tenacity. It is a potent card that says you possess the inner strength to go beyond any difficulties you may encounter. The card symbolizes strength and patience in love and relationships, and tenacity and resolve in work and finances. Overall, the Strength Tarot card is a potent representation of inner strength and personal power that may support you through the difficulties of life.

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What insights can be gained from the magician and strength tarot card combination in a reading?

When the Magician and Strength Tarot cards are combined, they can imply that the reader has the inner strength and focus necessary to bring about their desired outcomes. This combination may also point to the need to develop self-discipline and strike a balance between creativity and pragmatism.

does the strength tarot card mean yes or no?

There is no yes or no response in the Strength Tarot card. It is a symbol of inner fortitude, bravery, and resiliency and could offer advice on how to handle difficulties with poise and tenacity. The context of the reading determines how the card should be interpreted.

what deity is associated with the strength tarot card?

The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet is frequently linked to the Tarot card of Strength. The goddess Sekhmet is linked to strength, healing, and transformation. She stands for the strength of the feminine and the capacity to summon courage and strength from within.

what does the strength tarot card mean in love?

The Strength Tarot card in a love reading denotes a bond built on trust, respect, and adoration. It shows how love can move mountains and how crucial self-worth and self-love are to establishing happy relationships.

What is the significance of the number associated with the Strength Tarot card?

The Tarot card Strength is linked to the number 8, which stands for equilibrium, harmony, and infinity. Strength, power, and resilience are other attributes of the number 8.

What does the Strength Tarot card mean in a health reading?

The Strength Tarot card can suggest the need to develop inner fortitude and resilience in a health reading. It might also convey the significance of loving and caring for oneself in order to maintain one’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

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