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It’s amezing so i discuss here full knowledge about 545 the scared code

Ofcourse switchwords makes magic and one of them “545”

What is 545 Switchword

Switchword booklet is giving a numbers. It is so magical that whoever has used it has also praised it and shared it with people. All of you are also requested to share this as much as possible because somewhere we are so special that we want some magic to happen and it gets fulfilled. One such magic

545 Sacred Code.
The universe reorganizes itself to satisfy its desires.
Code for receiving gifts from Universe: 545

The number which if used, people’s special needs are being fulfilled. Tell us further how to use it?

How to use 545 switchword

The way of using this code is also the same as the way of using the all codes. Giving you the details of it below. Use it according to you.

The way to use the 545 is very simple. Keeping that wish in your mind for which you have to pray to the Universe, you have to chant it for 45 days and you have to do one chant 45 times every day. You can do it more times, but at least you must answer it 45 times. Along with this, if you have to chant a code too, then definitely answer it at least 9 times. That’s what I’m telling you here.👇


And it has to be chanted like this 👇

Five Four Five, Five Four Five, Five Four Five,


AND also do as usual ….

Take a blank paper write your wish in a manner as though.. you have already received your wish

  • keep the paper .under your pillow during sleep
  • Write on your body while writing intent your wish in your mind right with green pen.
  • Write on mirror
  • Write your tea mug
  • Write on your car dashboard your built after get a chance to Grace it while driving.
  • Canting say the wish in your mind in future tense …this is magical wish number. Now gratitude then begin chanting five four five with visualization that your wish has been fulfilled. Keep your belief strong that your wish will get full filled practice with small wishes then.

I give you many miracles number below

How to Activate Financial aboundce?

Sir ji, any switchword to find/receieve miraculous money

520 – Unexpected money
17517038 – Unexpected Wealth
426499 – Immediate flow of money
520Hz – Miraculous windfall of money
528Hz – Miracles

Lottery Winning number

Hyy guys ..I am surprised to see a magical number in SWITCHWORD BOOKLET and That is for “TO WIN A LOTTERY ‘ I share with all of you …….. SACRED CODE-199 CHANT 45 TIMES A DAY AND “”””JACKPOT NUMBER IS 199621147″””” write it on you body with green pan.. and also chant …YES-AMEZING-JACKPOT-BE………



Super Energy circle any wish manifestation.
Make your own Energy circle

Chant any one code or all the codes 45 times each. Write all the codes on your left hand or left leg.
Water charge from your phone itself n drink the water many times a day.
545 Sacred codes.
Universe reorganize itself to meet your wishes.
Code to receive gifts from the Universe: 545

1111(Angel number)
Chanted as
One one one one
Thousand one hundred eleven.
Bring the postive energies of the universe to fulfill your desires and wishes.
1111(Sacred Code).
Opening up new opportunities, especially employment opportunities.
Get rid of past karmas.
Start creating the highest wish manifestation process with strong will power.






Hello friends,
New but quite an amazing swap to create all kinds of magic in our lives. Do it with confidence. Be patient. Don’t get discouraged and don’t put conditions just chant it with love.

To love means to love the unattainable. To forgive means to forgive the unforgivable. Faith means believing in the unbelievable. Hope means to have hope when everything seems hopeless.
GK chesterton
To be the highest magic of all kinds.

May you be successful.

The magic of 545

The magic of 545 has happened to many of my clients and they have given many thanks to the Universe and here I am giving some of their examples.

(1) Miracle
545 And The Supreme Magic - Beginning - By Chanting Now
Tomorrow creates a spell. Made an unexpected sale. ?
Thanks Bhawna mam

(2) hello Bhawna mam and wonderful member

I would like to share my experience with The Powerful Number 545. Changes I felt:

1) I am doing this chanting for the last 3 days now.

2) I am feeling abundant and that all things will be fine on their own. I have very little concern.

3) I feel like my wish has already been fulfilled. Of course it is on the way and this evening suddenly the same number appeared on my mobile.

This number is magical and I would recommend everyone to chant it.

Thanks Bhawna mam🙏🙏🏻🙏🏻

[3] hello
Can I use 545 for multiple wishes at the same time?
I mean can I chant 545, 100 times every 2-3 times, with different desire in each mantra?

Answer is yess

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