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Let’s see what energy lies in your heart and mind of the person who roams around you. Current Feelings Of Your Crush.

▪︎You have given your hundred percent to this person, what you want is to do with him, you have a lot of grievances that you want to do to him.
▪︎ But that person is not talking to you and has blocked you from everywhere and has put you in no contact status.
▪︎ You are surprised here and worried about what has happened that that person has gone away from you.
▪︎Let’s see,
Will you claim this energy?
▪︎The first energy has come out that this person is facing a huge loss at this time.
▪︎ Due to which his current condition is very bad and he is also facing loss financially.
▪︎It is a very bad time, this bad time has ended the friendship of this person in every group, that is why he is left alone.
▪︎Now I am remembering you, your innocent care, your pure love is remembering you.
▪︎Now they are also thinking of meeting you because now they feel in the society that you are very capable in life and you can help them.
▪︎If you have supported them then you want to continue this relationship with them.

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