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What are Switchwords

If you want to know, what are the Switchwords, so answer is that 👇

There are many Switch words, but which Switchword is right for you will find it in my other post, you can read it from there. I have given the link 👇

Along with this, I am giving a list of Switchwords from here. Whatever problem you people are facing, you must take switchwords from this switch word list and do regular chanting of it, note that I have to do this time and how many times. All this has been told, you do it accordingly.
Seema Kapoor

Switchwords List ..

Blessings for all who read this Amazing switchword List

{1} Switchwords for Everything is possible

Amazing switch word by which any work can be done by chanting it regularly.

Always chant “wolf magic begin now” 5 time a day after that read “5197148” Read it 8 times in a day written in your right side body with blue ink pan, be regular for 44 days.

{2} Switchword for Materrialize your plans and thoughts

Materrialize your plans and thoughts with number:- 71948171

Always chant “wolf magic begin now” 5 time a day after that read “71948171” Read it 11 times in a day written in your right side body with green ink pan, be regular for 11 days.

you can also wear Black Rutilated Quartz Barcelet

{3} Switchword For achieve everything which you put your intentions on

You can achieve everything which you put your intentions on with the number “8947197848”

Always chant “wolf magic begin now” 5 time a day after that read “8947197848” Read it 10 times in a day written in your right side body with red ink pan, be regular for 28 days.

you can also wear this Salman khan bracelet :-

{4} Switchword For Money

(1) unexpected Money

For Unexpected money plz cheat number “520”

Always chant “wolf magic begin now” 5 time a day after that read “520” Read it 7 times in a day written in your right side body with green ink pan, be regular for 44 days.

You Can Also Wear Pyrite as fool’s gold bracelets :-

(2) To attract Money chant this multiple numbers

use green ink , write left part of body , and chant 9 times a day number is




(3) For cash flow abundance


chant 11 times a day for 44 days , use green ink , write left part of body

(4) Switch word for win the lottery

FOR win the lottery use “4610567”

chant 11 times a day for 44 days , use green ink aur write left part of body if you are a woman and Right part of body if you are a men .


(5) For increase sales and expand Business in plain digits

For increase sales and expand Business in plain digits write “49264691″ on your left part of body with green ink ; chant 14 times a day on 41 days.

You can also wear Tiger stone Bracelet for good business

(6) switchword for money transactions

While making any kind of money transactions, digitally,or cash bank transfer etc.

chant 708 ( seven zero eight)

of course money come bank in multiple

(7) To attract Money

Please chant


Daily chant 9 times a day for 45 Days

(8) For attract Money Quickly


Same process 9 times a day for 45 days

(9) Switch word for Attract Money


(10)Switchword for Flow of money


(11) Switch word for Successful Business


(12) Switch word For increase Profit


(13) Switch word for attract Customers

71588 is very attractive switchword for attract customers.

(14) Success in business

Scared code 105 chant 108 times a day daily.

(15) Attract Gold with Grabovoi number

80556480 chant 9 times a day regularly 108 days.

(16) Manifest the job

Manifest the job you you want with grabovoi number 741 chant 30 times a day regularly 30 days

(17) Grabovoi number for love

For True love 8884121289018

(Write on your body and chant each code as much as you can.. 3-4 times in a day..Give positive affirmations 🙏🕉️)

Attract love into your life – 11550
Attract Life Partner – 191919
Attract Related Spirit – 715400
Soulmate Connection Facility – 571
Wedding Bush – 307,473
Marriage – 182321377

Love marriage – 70477197

All In- Divine- Magic- Bring- On-Perfect- Love- Venus- Charm- Now- Done.

Anyone who is not getting their love back and is upset. All of them should chant this Switchword again and again👇

You can also wear the bracelet to get your love

(18) Manifest and attract your Dream job

Manifest and attract your dream job with grabovoi number 318514517618 use green ink pan nd chant 40 times a day.

(19) Get Massive success in Business and attract ideal clients

Get Massive success in Business and attract ideal clients 28947131491…. use red ink pan nd chant 41 times a day.

(20) For good Health 80845700

For good Health 80845700 use green ink pan nd chant 41 times a day.

You can also wear Golden heal bracelet for good health :-

Which Switch word is better for myself

Now the question comes that there are so many switchwords to make so much money, which one of these switchwords should I chant to attract money?
So here I will recommend to you that the best result which I have got is 5207418 switch word. And some success stories have come in front of me, so whoever is reading the post, I would recommend to use it. that you chant 5207418

{5} Angelic Number to take care of your Finance

Angelic number to take care of your finance “808”

Always chant “wolf magic begin now” 5 time a day after that read “808” Read it 16 times in a day written in your right side body with blue ink pan, be regular for 16 days

{6} Prosperity and Abundance number

Prosperity and abundance number is “71427321893″

Always chant “wolf magic begin now” 5 time a day after that read “71427321893” Read it 11 times in a day written in your right side body with red ink pan, be regular for 11 days.

{7} New Home k


{8} Switch word for promotion and to excel at workplace

For promotion and to excel at workplace please chant 40 times aur more a Day this is” TRANSFORM-REFINE-CLIMBUP-FOR-GOLDBONUS-CHARM-PIVOT

{9} Switch word for attract whatever you intent :Success at work, job success, For permanent job , for to get job immediately ,for to get what you want ;

I recommend a master switch words to attract whatever you intend this is the master Switch word

I this is the switch word for Success at work, or this switch word for permanent job , this switch words for to get job immediately., this Switchword use for government job , or use this Switchword for business Success , even if you want to attract someone than also use this switchword .. I also recommend this switch word to attract husband, or to attract specific person aur you love .. this is my fvrt switch word because this switchword attract anything whatever you intend.

This is ..DIVINE-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW-(YOUR INTENTION) [Like I bhawna this page of mine very soon in every corner of the world]

chant 9 times aur more a day for 45 days..

Wealth Hi Wealth

{10} Switch words for Quick Weight Loss – Have a Curved Body



Not tuff please chant daily 108 time day

(11) Is there a switch word to replace sadness with happiness?

Of course chant this 👇 daily 21 times


(12) Switchword for Very beautiful charming look and perfect figure and someone special self for looking younger than age

Be the center of attraction to become super gorgeous and beautiful physical and unaffected by the negativity and ridicule of others.

(13) Switchword to get a good maid or servant quickly

Chant daily 11 times a day —-


(14) One switch word or angel number to fulfill many wishes like finance, peace physical mental emotionally health happiness healthy blessed life Facing many problems at a time Don’t know how to deal?

87949 The Angels Of The Law Of Attraction. They will attract the special grace of these 7 souls, they will greatly facilitate their power of manifestation, so that they can achieve their objectives. The charges you will offer are intended to remain positive. Angels are: IMAEL, ORAEL, SANIEL, URAEL, MINAEL, SOMAEL, and ARSIEL.

(15) Switchword to get rid of rats or insects from home

417 Hz Solfeggio Frequency
417 Hz is a beautiful solfeggio freqkuency which is known to erase all the negativity inside us. It is a frequency that can bring about change; It marks the beginning of new beginnings in life, and is so powerful that it can reverse and undo negative events.

Benefits of the 417 Hz Solfeggio Frequency
• Removes negative energy from the body.
• Removes negative energy from home and office.
• Removes negative thoughts and behavior patterns.
• Undo situations with negative consequences.
• Lets you and others change.
• To come out of trauma.
• Used to balance the sacral chakra.

Write on a white paper and place them on the walls of the rooms

(16) How to remove black magic from life if someone has done it?

744 The Golden Angels: Sacred Codes.
Babaji has said that these angels resolve extreme situations, heal wounds that prevent the arrival of prosperity, and provide protection from black magic.

You can also watch this video to resolve black magic problems

Abundant Sales Energy Circle

Abundant Sales Energy Circle⭐

Print and broadcast.
The business name and/or your own name goes in. Below 520 can be written in the inner yellow circle.
Divine help to grow/promote/restore one’s business.
Increase sales and earn money.

Gather support by sharing your vision, Increase what you have, Give your strength to others, Draw strength from others, Work in unison, Unite, Drive the crowd, Create many possibilities and Celebrate diversity Fast, unexpected additions.

Help others, earn money, make your fortune, attract attention, miraculous formation of event for abundance, get new ideas, nurture ambition, create and produce, create a colorful conscious life.

Ridiculous-hot cake-shebang-hole.
Get publicity, increase popularity, increase supply and demand, allow sales to flow, stop everyone and take notice, attract it!

Angel Number:

Harness the positive energy of the universe to make your deepest desires, hopes and dreams come true.

Manifest your desires successfully, let them become reality in your life. Balance your spiritual life with your physical world, and in return you benefit by taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. Have a positive attitude and high expectations to keep the flow of abundance going. Trust that your material needs will be met as you boldly make the necessary changes to your life and lifestyle. Beautify and rejuvenate your environment and freshen up your life. Have faith and trust that your needs will be met on all levels when you focus on your personal spirituality, your soul mission and the purpose of divine life. Good luck and begin a new manifestation of your highest ideals. Remember to be grateful and appreciative for everything the universe has to offer.

Stay focused and balanced, focused and calm. have faith and trust
miraculous coincidence of wealth/unexpected wealth

Improve finances and let abundance flow in your life. Bring a new project, job opportunity or promotion on offer, which will bring financial benefits and rewards. Use your personal strengths, positive attitude and progressive actions to reap all kinds of rewards in your life.

Divine Healing Code:

13 31 989
dragon attunement
Dragon attunement gives an aura of authority, enhances imperviousness, intuition and protection, gives high charisma and personal magnetism. Treachery conquers fraud, slander, black magic and any hidden conspiracy. It also protects and advances career and financial status. Dragon Attunement also destroys negative entities. It protects against slander and theft and brings family harmony. Dragon brings attunement promotion, advances career, and brings self-esteem and professional success.

Grigory Grabovoi Codebook:

Be a money magnet. YOU can Right with green ink pen on your left part of body if you are a woman and right parts of body if you are a man. Chant 11 times a day ..regularly 40 days you can also wear a bracelet of money magnet

414 81 88
Transform time into money (make your time worth money

increase sales

abundance, prosperity; normalization of financial position

Holy Code:

1122 5701
Money flow to America.

Paisa (Use this number to get money if needed)

52574 71521
business sales.

Attract customers to a business.

Money (for urgent matters)

Get Right life partner || Find Your Life partner ||

Marriage is one of life’s greatest blessings, and choosing your life partner is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.
Finding the person you want to spend your life with isn’t always easy, spending every day with the person you love the most is what makes the journey worthwhile.

Here are some numbers and switchwords that will make it easier for you to find your partner in the form of an energy circle.

Use all methods of the energy cycle.
Anyone can chant numbers and switchwords that attract you.

Attract Resonant Person – 591 718 9181419.

419 488 71- Create favorable conditions.
517- 517 Green Tara… I am Green Tara. I answer prayers quickly, and make things work in your favor.

741- Immediate solution.

307473 – Wedding Bush.
1176 – angel number.

with switchwords
Serge – Divine – Venus – Love – Charm – Done.

Combine with the symbol of unconditional love (Reko). To find someone who can love you unconditionally.

Thank you.

All the best to whoever wants to get married.

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