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An inspirational story to improve life with osho


There are many such episodes of Swami Vivekananda in Osho stories, in which the sources of life management are hidden. If these sutras are taken in life then we can avoid many troubles.

There are many people who work very hard, but are not able to succeed. There is a famous story of Swami Vivekananda in this regard. Know this incident…

One day a young man came to Swami Vivekananda’s ashram. He looked very sad. He fell at Swamiji’s feet and said that I am very unhappy with my life, I work very hard, but I can never be successful.

He asked Vivekanandji why did God give me such luck? I am educated and hardworking, yet I am not successful.

# Swamiji understood his problem. At that time Swamiji had a pet dog, he told that person that you bring my dog ​​for a walk some distance away. After that I will answer your question.

The young man was surprised, yet left with the dog. When the person came back to Swamiji after taking the dog for a walk, Swamiji saw that the person’s face was still shining,

While the dog seemed very tired. Swamiji asked the person how this dog got so tired, when you are looking tired.

The person replied that I was walking on my way straight, but the dog was running after all the dogs in the street and after fighting, used to come back to me. We’ve both walked a similar path, but still this dog has run a lot more than me so it’s exhausting.

Swamiji smiled and said that this is the answer to all your questions. Your destination is around you. It is not far away, but instead of going to the destination, you keep on running after other people and go on getting away from your destination.

lesson in context

Most of the people keep looking at the mistakes of others, jealous of the success of others. Do not try to increase their little knowledge and do not understand anything to others in ego.

Because of this thinking, we lose both our valuable time and ability and life becomes just a struggle. The lesson of this episode is that one should not compete with others and set one’s own goals, not by looking at others.

Osho Stories

Osho – Lotus of Meditation-

I have kept only one condition with the new sannyas, all other conditions have been removed. Because all other terms are useless now. Only one condition has been placed. And that condition is that the sannyasin must be meditating for at least one hour in twenty-four hours, that’s all.
I believe that if meditation begins to bear fruit, then all other conditions come in through the back door. No need to bring them. Because one who is attained to meditation, he will gradually be drawn towards celibacy.
I do not say to keep the condition of celibacy. And what is that celibacy that should be tied up! How much is it worth! But if the meditation is deep, sex will fall down, by itself. If you do not fall, then understand that meditation is not being done right, and there is no need to understand anything.
I say no, don’t be angry. Because if meditation increases, anger will become impossible. I don’t say giving up meat. Because one who has deep meditation, how will he be able to eat meat? So I have removed all the conditions. And only one basic condition has been kept that the meditation should increase inside and the drama outside. The rest will automatically come from behind.

Osho – Lotus of Meditation-1

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